Please note that this site is still under construction (well, a wiki is always under construction), but in regards to look and feel and completing the setup, it should be by mid-feb ready to rock for all those that want to contribute.

Captain and I will add in more scans of other items that we dig up. The aim is to provide somewhere to start in terms of searching for old models. Shortly it will also contain some unique features that we are excited to share. For now the main space is the Ibanez Catalogs section.

This site is available as http://www.ibanezwiki.com and also http://www.captainibanez.com - captain and I are planning to also create some special content for this site, rather than it just be a mash together of existing resources. Like most of us, I also have a day job and work on this in my spare time. My company was kind enough to donate the server space and infrastructure. I would love to integrate this in with the excellent forums at http://www.ibanezcollectors.com/forum

Contact me - robert at captainibanez.com if you have any queries, suggestions or want to help out.

Latest News

Title Author Date Posted
Unknown Bass Destroyer POC Aug 03, 2010
Help - Mystery Destroyer Destroyer POC Aug 01, 2010
Site upgraded to latest Confluence Wiki version robert Jun 28, 2010
DT-4550 and DT-6750 Graphics Art Models Destroyer POC Jun 23, 2010
Model Number Reuse Destroyer POC Jun 22, 2010

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